Why all the birds?

So why all the birds?


I was asked this pretty fair question today - what made you decide to paint birds? I had to stop and think for a minute. Being an Aries and myself in general I’m all over a fresh canvas like a rash and throwing paint on it before I’ve really thought about why I’m doing it. 

I stopped and thought about it and realised I was channeling this attraction to birds that was encouraged by Mum. She had this big 80’s style print in our lounge room of these huge parrots on a branch. The frame was salmon pink (we must forgive the mistakes of the past) and the parrots were all mental colours. She loved it. Were they well painted? Nah. Were they detailed? Nope. Did it matter to her? No way. She just loved it. So I loved it too. I guess that says something about our relationship with artwork - it doesn’t have to be a masterpiece and you don’t have to know much about it to love it! Sometimes we just love an artwork without being able to explain exactly why.

I really love the huge variety that comes with birds and I love and admire the species we are so lucky to have here in Australia. The sound of the cackling kookaburras fills my heart with inspiration. 

Sometimes the colour palette is the first thing I think of, sometimes it’s the bird. Sometimes the whole artwork just appears in my mind and my hands can’t keep up. It’s pretty awesome and I love the feeling of achievement that comes from bringing my visions to life.


Do I like to paint other animals? Absolutely! Will I paint other animals and will you see them? Yes! What about landscapes? Maybe! But they probably wouldn’t be realistic. Now please enjoy this picture of - REGGIE the Major Mitchell - one huge splash of happy!