original artwork by sarah migliaccio

The power of original artwork and how you can introduce it to your home

The effects of surrounding yourself with artwork that makes your soul happy goes far beyond what you can imagine. Introducing artwork into your home can change the entire mood of a room, create conversations around art appreciation, stir up fond memories and inspire.

An original painting does the most remarkable job of this. A piece painted by hand promotes human connection. As we appreciate an original piece of art, feelings of curiosity and wonder are stirred up. We ask ourselves questions, ‘how did they achieve this?’ ‘What steps did they take?’ ‘What inspired them to do it just like this?’ ‘Why does this piece make me feel so good?’


Original artwork affirms that in this tap and go society, fine craftsman, creativity and persistence over days and weeks to perfect something are still very much present in our lives and are here to stay. And this why original artwork is such a positive investment, it really is like preserving a piece of history, a moment in time, a fleeting glimpse into the creative mind of another person.

All of these things are part of the magic of painting for me. Painting creates calm, keeps me present and allows me to express my own wonder at the natural beauty around us in Australia. Every morning on my walk in those early hours, I am inspired by nature’s offerings. The stunning colours, the interesting shapes, the unique patterns and textures, the calls of the kookaburras and cockatoos as they exist in this beautiful space. The aim of creating the painting is to express these feelings of my own and then to pass those good feelings to another through the artwork.

Commissioned original artwork by Sarah Migliaccio

When collectors come to me to purchase an original or commission something unique, I am truly excited for them, because it means they have chosen to make that space for connection and happiness in their lives and homes. The piece they choose says so much about them and everyone connects with a piece in their own personal way.

Not in the market for an original but still want to welcome a stunning piece into your home? Fine art prints on paper or canvas are a beautiful substitute for an original. In fact, as you stand back and view, many would be hard pressed to tell a stretched canvas print and the original apart.

Having the desire to welcome original artwork into your home is one thing, but I understand that we all live in the real world and sometimes having the means to is another.

Here are few tips to make owning that special piece of original artwork a little more accessible:

Claiming original artwork as a tax write off

If you have been considering a piece of original artwork, it may be the perfect time to invest. Did you know that you may be able to claim an original artwork as an instant deduction on your tax return?

Small businesses operating out of a commercial office or home office may be able to claim a 100% write off. Of course, I am an artist and not an accountant, so this is a hot tip to encourage you to give your trusted accountant a call and discuss your individual circumstances.

You may discover you are able to afford that original that you thought you couldn’t!

Afterpay your next original artwork

Many artists, including myself, offer Afterpay as a payment option when purchasing artwork through their website. You can simply select this option at the checkout with purchasing prints or original works.

Splitting up the cost with a Payment Plan

Always ask, all they can say is no.

This saying is one to live by and has paid off many times in my life. Ask the artist whether they would be open to a layby/payment plan arrangement. I am always happy to accommodate this when it comes to originals as helping people to own a piece of artwork is a good vibe for all.


Artwork is a daily reminder of the beauty in the world, a source of emotion, an inspiration and healer. 

You’re worth it.

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