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Art by Sarah Digital gift voucher

Art by Sarah Digital gift voucher

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A digital gift voucher is the perfect gift for someone special who loves their artwork with good vibes and a splash of colour! Your chosen recipient will receive their digital gift voucher via email which will contain a unique voucher code. They may use this code at the checkout to redeem credit up to an amount nominated by you.


Please make sure you read the detailed description of the digital gift voucher below before making your purchase.



Detailed description

Your digital gift voucher will be delivered to the email address you enter at the checkout. Please ensure you type it carefully and double check it, so that it is delivered to the right person. 

The recipient will receive a unique voucher code with credit to the amount that you specify, which they may enter during their checkout process. If their order is less than the specified credit, it may be used again in another order.

If their order exceeds the credit amount they must pay the balance using one of the payment methods listed at the checkout.

Your digital gift voucher does not expire so it can be used whenever the recipient is ready. Your digital gift voucher is non refundable and redeemable only in our online store at It is not redeemable for cash.

We cannot issue a replacement for a digital gift card if it is lost, destroyed, stolen or shared.


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