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'Wildflower' - Fine Art Print (Wholesale)

'Wildflower' - Fine Art Print (Wholesale)

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This absolute celebration of flora was born out of my love for wildflowers. What is it about them that is so fascinating? It could be the nostalgia of summer roads trips and spotting trees of banksia by the coast, in the bush, on the edge of the desert - just about anywhere! The memory of running your hand along those tiny perfect rows of buds as you ponder nature’s mastery or finding an open pod on the ground to keep. Proteas have become a big part of our Australian landscape and I marvel at their colours, structures and patterns. The velvet texture of the protea is so inviting to touch.

Wildflower also features a few more of my favourite species, many of which I have planted in my own garden. You can find leucadendron, silver princess blossoms, summer sun blooms and gorgeous little gum nuts. This piece is a beautiful choice for anyone who loves the unique beauty of wildflowers.



A Fine Art Print is as close a reproduction to the original as you can get, created with premium quality materials and capturing all the fine detail and colour of the original work.

These prints are created with archival quality inks and have a premium matte finish on hot press 100% cotton paper. This is an archival quality paper which means not only will your print look fantastic but will stand the test of time so you can enjoy it forever!

All prints will come with a small white border around the image of approximately 5mm. This is in addition to the print size listed so that the print can be placed in a frame using a mount board without losing any of the image.

© 2020 Art by Sarah


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